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Over 600 companies and startups in 46 countries work with us up to now

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Fix your crucial sales issues. Immediately!


Know what’s slowing down your results and fix it


Identify what’s really at stake and speak your voice


Make the right decisions on purpose, not by default


Focus on simple steps to amplify your efforts

Your current win rate is below 50% ?

Your sales pipeline is deflating ?

You soon run into a key meeting ?

Your pitches don’t bring RFP’s ?

Your team strives with conflicting inputs ?

Your sales agenda is desorganised by emergencies ?


You struggle to create trust in virtual meetings ?

Your offers wait for month for a signature ?


The decision to buy is made by people, not by technologies

How it works:

1. Clarify

We explore your situation and reveal what is really at stake.

2. Resolve

We help you create new solutions at entirely new levels.

3. Achieve

We ensure you secure the expected outcomes.

4. Sustain

We stand by you until what affects your business is resolved.

It’s as simple as that !

The Sales Doctor© helps you excel in urgent and challenging sales-related situations

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We are in business, not in theories

We understand the influence of cultural context

We dare to spot any areas that can be improved


Our guiding principles

Lack of clarity is the biggest obstacle to execution: we make and keep things clear

A single shift in the right place leads to massive change in results: we know where to act

Self-awareness is as powerful as any external advice: we make visible your invisible stuff

Why Sales Doctor ?

The Sales Doctor was created to respond quickly to start-ups and companies, struggling to resolve their sales-related challenges.


Because questioning the status quo, thinking out of the box and shaking deeply embedded habits requires a lot of time and energy.

We designed a structured approach proven to quickly connect the dots in hours and days, not months and years.

The Sales Doctor mission is to back you up.


So far, over 600 businesses in 46 countries have chosen to team-up with us to work out successful sales strategies, empower teams and reach their goals.

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What people say…

I’ve acquired new clients in at least 10 different countries since your sales mentoring.

I’m using all I’ve learned on a daily basis.

Surendran Balachandran

Growth & Marketing Team Lead, SocialCops, New Delhi Area, India

Our interactions were extremely useful because they were not just one way mentorship sessions, but a sprint kind of discussions wherein we got clarity on how to work with email sales, content marketing and a lot more.

Sheshgiri Kamath

CEO, KaptureCRM, Houston, Texas

What you explained about how to approach  our clients stuck completely.

The knowledge you transmitted was pragmatic and logical and could be harvested right away constructively in business”.

Julia Csenge Halmos

Head of Client Services, Synetiq, Unveiling FEELINGS for video content, Budapest, Hungary

I personally like the high effectiveness of our sessions about how to set up performing sales team

Your way of sharing knowledge and skills to drive impact is at the highest level

The same goes for helping move the needle on OKRs and sharing actionable next steps

The overall mentoring experience is excellent.

Tomas Malovec

Founder & CEO, Born Digital, Prague, Czechia

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Higher customer satisfaction … and revenues. Now!

By Didier Schapiro

Improving the customer experience has a significant impact on customer retention, profitability, and growth.

This goes not only for on line business but for traditional one as well.

For companies working in B2B specifically there is still some hesitance and even confusion over how customer experience applies to them.

It does matter in B2B, maybe even more so than in B2C.

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