“I guess the shoemaker’s children go barefoot, as we know, sometimes”.

The man talking was the CEO and founder of a successful platform for marketing, sales, operations and customer service teams.

With already more than 500 key clients, the company had just started an e-mail marketing campaign to increase its client portfolio; unfortunately the CTR was below 2% and there was no sign that the  conversion rate would ever overcome a low 1%.

Difficult situation when your promise to clients is to “grow your business from anywhere”.

The problem was not about targeting and segmenting the database; neither was it about the subject line standing out.

So if it was not there, maybe it was in the content of the mails itself.

It is a common mistake to talk about your product, how great it is and how good and successful you are. Talk about what you have done for others in general and of course about your lower cost.

Pretend you can do better than what is already in place and finally beg for a phone conversation or a meeting.

This mail had it all. A very respectable intention coupled with a counterproductive message.


We have cut the selfish noise. Refocused the message on the customer’s benefits and increased the value of the product.

We have given the customer a real reason to accept a conversation or a meeting.

We have made the message more proactive: proposed a talk instead of asking for it.

In the next days, the conversion rate reached 4,16%.


What potential customers react to is the message, not the intention. No matter how justified the intention is.

Does your communication trigger the response you want?