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Simply greater Performance, Strategy, Communication, People.

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Not satisfied with your results?

You don’t have enough traction?

Your audience needs to grow?

You don’t generate enough short term revenue?

We help you increase your Sales Performance.

Having doubts about the right path?

​B2B or B2C?

Sales and pricing positioning unclear?

Potential customers seem out of reach?

We help you clarify your Sales Strategy

Not getting the expected response?

Your mailings have low response rate?

Your pitches are not impactful?

Your messages don’t get across?

We help you trigger the proper feedback

Concerns about your team efficiency and motivation?​

Onboarding and keeping salespeople

is tough?

Sales team is in doubt?

Cultural differences are energy consuming?

We help you build a sales team or fix your people challenges.

I am the Sales Doctor

bringing powerful Solutions to Startups Sales Challenges

Simply greater Performance, Strategy, Communication, People

Sales challenges are complex and often require a multiple approach. Get a monthly time credit you are free to utilize at your convenience. This time can be used in any combination of consulting, mentoring, coaching, training, related to sales challenges. We can work together through VC, face to face meetings, workshops, etc… in english, french and spanish.

Sales Performance Consulting

We analyze your situation and organization and make a diagnosis. We share with you where it is essential to intervene to unleash both sales performance and leadership/team efficiency. Once you agree on the diagnosis, we propose you the most actionable plan and agree with you on the schedule .

Global Sales Empowerment

Depending on your situation and requirements you can benefit from being mentored or coached  on specific sales related issues. You can also decide to onboard various sales programs: Create Strong Partnership for Performance: Breakthrough Coaching for Sales Performance / Effective Negotiation Skills and Strategies / Generate Impactful Sales Communication  / Build Highly Effective Sales Strategy. Become a Salesperson from within.

Experience true results

From making strategic decisions to developing your sales capabilities, you can get immediate support.
Using our sales expertise, deep understanding of clients psychology, and systemic thinking, you’ll discover real solutions and experience true results.

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Featured Clients

delivery science

workshops for Google all across Europe

I had the pleasure of working with Didier as we designed and facilitated several coaching related workshops for Google all across Europe. Didier was a joy to work with. He has a real talent for making complex situations or concepts really easy to understand and he brings models and content to life with great examples. Didier is a an excellent facilitator, able to adjust very quickly to the environment and any challenges. We worked extremely well together as co-facilitators and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again.

Claire Hatton, Co Founder, Full Potential Labs

coaching and mentoring over twelve months

Didier worked with me on a 1:1 coaching and mentoring program over a course of twelve months. I found his passion and personal involvement he brought to the table during our meetings very valuable. Didier’s insights and ideas were disruptive to my understanding of what I was working on at the time in the best possible way. This has allowed me to become better in strategic thinking and handling challenging sales situations.

Jan Vohryzek, Industry Manager for Startups, Export & Entrepreneurship Development , Google

I feel I received a return on the training investment

At my request Didier prepared and facilitated training sessions for my oil company partners in Egypt, Spain and Portugal. Didier displayed his talent as a trainer by adapting the sessions ‘real-time’ to the heterogeneous skill sets of the participants.
Not only do I feel I received a return on the training investment through increased partner sales, I also feel that Didier’s professionalism and the general atmosphere of the sessions was a benefit to me in terms of improved relationships with these partners.

Olivier Pistiaux, Founder , soyooz

Very pragmatic and logical which can be harvested right away ... absolutely awesome.

What I appreciated in your mentoring is that you were able to explain me a whole system so clearly with examples that it stuck completely. It was to-the-point, very practical, you checked my understanding right away and did not leave a chance for misinterpretation. The knowledge you transmitted was very pragmatic and logical which can be harvested right away constructively in business. Absolutely awesome.

Julia Csenge Halmos, Head of Client Services @ Synetiq, Unveiling FEELINGS for video content
Budapest, Hungary

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