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Your current win rate is below 50% ?

Your sales pipeline is deflating ?

Know what’s slowing down 

your results and fix it


You soon run into a key meeting ?

Your pitches don’t bring RFP’s ?

Identify what’s really at stake

and speak your voice


Your team strives with conflicting inputs ?

Your sales agenda is desorganised by emergencies ?


Make the right decisions

on purpose, not by default


You struggle to create trust in virtual meetings ?

Your offers wait for month for a signature ?


Focus on simple steps

to amplify your efforts

The decision to buy is made by people, not by technologies

100 % online solution

1. Clarify

We explore your situation and reveal what is really at stake.

3. Achieve

We ensure you secure the expected outcomes.

2. Resolve

We help you to create new solutions at entirely new levels.

4. Sustain

We stand by you until what affects your business is resolved.

It’s simple as that !

The Sales Doctor© helps you excel in urgent and challenging sales-related situations

What makes us different ?

We are in business, not in theories

We understand the influence of cultural context 

We dare to spot any areas that can be improved

What we’ve learned from experience

Lack of clarity is the biggest obstacle to execution

A single shift in the right place leads to massive change in results

Self-awareness is as powerful as external advice


From Didier SCHAPIRO

Data doesn’t help to sell

Saying that the role of salespeople has become considerably more complex over the past 10 years is not anything new.

In reality the entire sales process went through a complete change of paradigm, that not every company has deciphered and integrated yet.

Those who think that adding last minute “digital tools” to old processes is enough, will sooner or later be sorry.

The sales model based on the classical seller/buyer relationship is outdated.


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