Prescriptions for Sales Growth

Practical, agile and flexible support for sales to grow. Faster.

Not satisfied with your results?

​You don’t have enough traction?

Your audience needs to grow?

You don’t generate enough short term revenue?

Performance issue: a true story

“Look at the massive clients drop. They are not leaving us, they’re deserting the app. Exactly 2 months after opening their account. I’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work!” 

The bleeding of clients was going on for few weeks …

Strategy issue: a true story

“We’ve gathered a lot of information about our market, got multiple streams of advice about the best strategy for us, some of which are contradictory and we are in a turmoil now”.

Breast cancer screening service, a machine intelligence based non-invasive assessment, at low cost…

Having doubts about the right path?

​B2B or B2C?

Sales and pricing positioning unclear?

Potential customers seem out of reach?

Not getting the expected response?

Your mailings have low response rate?

Your pitches are not impactful?

Your messages don’t get across?

Communication issue: a true story

“I guess the shoemaker’s children go barefoot, as we know, sometimes”.

The man talking was the CEO and founder of a successful platform for marketing, sales, operations and customer service teams. With already more than 500 key clients…

People issue: a true story

“This is a key moment for the company and we cannot find the proper candidate to help us grow”.

The south American startup was mainly operating in the courier and delivery services industry, with already thousands of customers and now stepping successfully into …

Concerns about people and motivation?

Onboarding and keeping sales people is tough?

Sales team is in doubt?

Cultural differences are energy consuming?

How does this work?

1 I listen to your situation

I listen carefully to your challenges, issues, doubts.

I may ask you straightforward questions.

I will always share with you my diagnosis. Openly

2 I recommend you where to act

Once you have agreed on the diagnosis, I make recommendations on where to act in your system;  the “how to” belongs to you.

I tell you what the outcome must look like. Exactly

3 I support you while you do

Once you know where to act, and decide to do so, many factors can influence your determination or the impact of your move.

So I stand by you, Strongly

4 I leave you stronger

You implement real solutions and experience true results.

Unless we have agreed differently, you continue your way and I go mine. Separately

A SMALL SHIFT IN THE RIGHT PLACE can change your business. Forever.




Cups of coffee


delivery science


What you explained stuck completely. The knowledge you transmitted was pragmatic and logical and could be harvested right away constructively in business”.

Julia Csenge Halmos

Head of Client Services@Synetiq, Unveiling FEELINGS for video content, Budapest, Hungary

I’ve acquired new clients in at least 10 different countries since your sales mentoring. I’m using all I’ve learned on a daily basis.
Surendran Balachandran

Leading the growth & marketing team , SocialCops, New Delhi Area, India

Our interactions were extremely useful because they were not just one way mentorship sessions, but a sprint kind of discussions wherein we got clarity on how to work with email sales, content marketing and a lot more.

Founders like to get ground level solutions to their problems; I did find that very helpful, especially appreciate you taking time out and drafting those emails. Thanks again

Sheshgiri Kamath

CEO, KaptureCRM - Houston Texas

Didier’s insights and ideas were disruptive to my understanding of what I was working on at the time in the best possible way. He was a great mentor in that he always supported me to work hard to reach the solution to our discussion. This has allowed me to become better in strategic thinking and handling challenging sales situations, which had a transformational impact on my work.

Jan Vohryzek

Industry Manager for Startups, Export & Entrepreneurship Development, Google

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